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Woburn, Massachusetts
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SciAps manufactures handheld analyzers that provide elemental content of alloys, ores and other materials. Our devices serve the aluminum industry by providing a fast, portable method to determine alloy or mineral/ore chemistry in a few seconds, by a non-technical operator.
Lexington, Kentucky
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Secat is a metallurgical research laboratory specializing in aluminum product and process technologies with ISO 17025:2005 certification.

Meadville, Pennsylvania

Seco/Warwick provides heat processing systems worldwide for primary and secondary aluminum producers including heat treatment systems for coil, foil, rod and ingot processing, solution heat treat & aging, and reverb melting & holding furnaces.

Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania
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The result of a merger between SMS Millcraft and SMS Meer’s USA operations, SMS Technical Services, headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, is a world leader in outsourced maintenance services for the steel and non-ferrous metals industry.

Danville, Illinois
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Steel Grip Inc. manufactures Personal Protective Clothing also known as Personal Protective Equipment [PPE].  The company is headquartered in Danville, Illinois and conducts business throughout the World.

Rancho, California
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Cleveland, Ohio
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Superior Flux specializes in the development and sale of flux products for aluminum soldering, brazing and welding.