ARAMARK Uniform Services

Burbank, California

Aramark Uniform Services provides employee clothing and apparel that support various functions within the aluminum industry, including molten metal splash and flame resistant apparel. From designing and manufacturing to cleaning and delivering, Aramark offers affordable uniform solutions via rental and leasing services, as well as through online and catalogue shopping options.

Sustainable Practices: 

At ARAMARK, we are committed to protecting and improving the environment. We work to reduce our environmental footprint while offering expertise and practical solutions to thousands of client locations to help them reduce their environmental impacts.

Throughout our company, we develop and implement programs that promote sustainability through environment-friendly products and practices, sustainable food and local purchasing options, energy and water conservation efforts and waste management.

Throughout our company, we develop and implement long-term environmental stewardship programs and policies within the areas of food purchasing, supply chain, building operations, energy and water conservation, transportation, and waste management.
Food Purchasing
We understand the power and importance of food in our daily lives, and recognize that food choices have a significant impact on health, culture, environment, and local and global economies. We strive to offer clients and customers fresh whole foods that are raised, grown, harvested, and produced locally and in a sustainable manner whenever possible. And we partner with suppliers to increase the availability of such foods.

Supply Chain
We consider the environmental impact of our purchasing practices every day. We seek to purchase and use environmentally preferable products and services. We partner with suppliers, customers, and environmental experts to understand the impact of available products and services on the environment and communities and to identify better alternatives.

Building Operations
Building operations are a large consumer of natural resources and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. In our own operations, and in partnership with our clients, we help create and operate buildings that are increasingly environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and healthy for those who use them.

Energy and Water Conservation
Our operations depend on safe and reliable energy and water inputs. Nearly all of the energy we consume is supplied by finite natural resources, the generation of which contributes to climate change and affects the environmental quality of the communities we serve. We advocate for and partner with our clients to bring a range of energy and water conservation programs to the places we operate.

We rely on a service fleet, as well as other transportation sources, to deliver products and services to many customer locations. We recognize that reducing fuel use and emissions will have a substantial impact on the environment. We partner with our suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, clients, and governmental organizations to improve operational efficiency and explore new technologies.

Waste Management
The responsible management of emissions and waste are requirements to sustain and restore our natural resources and the communities in which we serve. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by promoting and practicing waste reduction, reuse, and recycling in our operations and those of our clients.


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