AP: How Craft Brewers Are Kicking Bottles in the Can

The Aluminum Association worked with the Associated Press on a story about the latest trend in the craft brewing market—brewers replacing glass bottles with aluminum cans. The article, which was picked up by several hundred online outlets, explores the trend from a variety of angles—cost, taste, sustainability and technical innovation. As the piece notes, in 2002, only one craft brewer in the United States was using cans. Today, that number has risen to nearly 300 different breweries making close to 1,000 beers in cans.

Brian Thiel, regional sales manager at Crown Holdings, pointed out, "Craft beer in cans is becoming more mainstream each and every day. The stigma that has existed continues to get lifted." The piece also discusses can innovations, including the Sly Fox 360-degree can and the Samuel Adams "Sam Can."




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