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$2.3 Billion in Aluminum Industry Investment Creates U.S. Jobs

The U.S. aluminum industry directly employs 161,000 workers and supports hundreds of thousands of additional jobs in nearly every state. This workforce helps innovators make good products great and great products even better by using high quality, sustainable aluminum -- the metal of choice for industries ranging from automotive to aerospace to packaging to building & constructionSustained demand growth -- and anticipated continued growth moving forward, particularly in the automotive sector -- has led to some significant investment announcements from the industry over the past several years.

Since 2013, Aluminum Association member companies have announced or completed U.S. plant expansion investment totaling more than $2.3 billion and creating more than 1,500 permanent American manufacturing jobs:

Many of these investments are designed to capture anticipated growth in the use of aluminum in the automotive market in the coming years as carmakers strive to produce lighter, safer more fuel-efficient vehicles. Ongoing announcements by Ford and others have underscored the increasing use of aluminum in light vehicles, which is expected to grow dramatically by 2025. These expansions alone are expected to add hundreds of thousands of tons of aluminum auto sheet capacity right here in the U.S.

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The aluminum industry directly employs more than 161,000 workers.

161,000 workers are directly employed in the aluminum industry. For each aluminum industry job, an additional 3.4 employment positions are created elsewhere in the economy. In total, nearly 713,000 U.S. jobs are supported by the production, processing and use of aluminum.


December 6, 2017
Aluminum Demand Totals 26.4 Billion Pounds in U.S. & Canada; 28 Percent Satisfied by Imports