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Aluminum is Everywhere — Including our Office

Aluminum is all around us. Referred to as the magic metal, it can easily be shaped and provide a sleek, modern finish to any design — making the material a top pick for interior designers.

Take a peek inside our office to spot all the ways we feature aluminum.

Aluminum Flooring and Walls

The floors in our entryway are interspersed with aluminum bars strategically placed throughout the ground, and the wall and ceiling are similarly designed with aluminum. These design elements add a touch of modernity, while offering the added benefits of aluminum’s durability and corrosion resistance. In addition, the wall holding the television is made with brushed aluminum — an effect scattered throughout our conference rooms and kitchen. 

A Piece of History

Our office features a replica of the nine inch aluminum pyramid that sits atop the Washington Monument. A historic symbol for the aluminum industry, the cap is 100-ounces of solid aluminum and serves as part of the structure’s lighting protection system. 

On the Walls 

The walls throughout our office are marked with interior décor made from aluminum. The back wall features unique decorations intricately designed with the metal, while another wall in one of our conference rooms is home to the aluminum hood of a car. Aluminum’s use in cars and trucks remains on the rise as the automotive industry recognizes the metal's ability to offer quality performance, while meeting high safety standards. 

At our Desks 

Aluminum can even be found on top of our desks — via our desktop computers and laptops. For example, Apple’s latest model of the MacBook Air is made from 100 percent recycled aluminum and has since earned the title of the 
the Greenest MacBook. The Apple team developed a custom alloy they say was designed to “use fine shavings of recaptured aluminum re-engineered down to the atomic level.” 

Kitchen Island 

While the kitchen countertop reveals a resemblance to pure granite, it is actually interspersed with aluminum specks, proving the versatility of aluminum’s usage. The entire kitchen island features a brushed aluminum effect and is surrounded by lightweight, aluminum chairs. 

Aluminum Barstools

The aluminum barstools complement the contemporary finish of the office design, while also providing a functional, sturdy piece of furniture. Added bonus: the chairs are conveniently light weight and easy to move around. 

In our Kitchen 

The kitchen in our office – and surely in your own place of work – is always stocked with aluminum canned beverages for that much-needed boost of energy throughout the day. Aluminum cans are the most sustainable beverage package on nearly every measure — infinitely recyclable, durable and lightweight (which also means reduced transportation emissions).

Planes, Trains and Automobiles 

Our building is surrounded by aluminum – appropriately positioned near an airport, metro and rail stations, and high-traffic roads. Our view overlooks National Regan Airport, giving sight to the hundreds of aluminum aircraft bodies that take-off and land each day. The airframe of a typical contemporary commercial transport aircraft is comprised of 80 percent aluminum by weight. Additionally, the Washington, D.C. metro uses rail cars made of longitudinal extrusions that reach 75 feet in length. Aluminum bodies are also seen all over the streets from the Ford F-150 to the Cadillac CT6, offering quality performance and high safety standards. 

Aluminum Coil Wall 

A key feature in our office is our aluminun coil and extrusion wall. An aluminum coil is aluminum wound into the shape of a ring and used to form products such as aluminum cans, car doors and electrical enclosures. Coils can come in different degrees of thickness and are strong, durable and able to withstand significant use. They have a significant presence in multiple industries including construction, electronics and transportation. 

The Alloy Room

Each of our conference rooms are named after key processes in the industry. Our main conference room, known as the "Alloy Room," continues the brushed aluminum effect from the entryway. The lining of the doorway is aluminum- based and can fully open for receptions and lunches. And with just one look outside the window, you can see the U.S. Capitol dome and a world of aluminum through the cars, trains and planes. 

Aluminum in Art

Everyone entering our building sees this stunning sculpture is made of aluminum. Jeff Chyatte, a public art sculptor, creates art figures from a variety of different materials.



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