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Media Room

The Aluminum Association can provide experts in a variety of topic areas specific to the aluminum industry. Our team can discuss:

  • Market trends and statistics
  • Aluminum product markets
  • Industry standards
  • Health and safety
  • Recycling
  • ​Policy issues

For media inquiries, please contact Matt Meenan at 703-358-2977 or Matt Meenan.

For inquiries specific to the automotive market, please contact Marcella Dudek with the Aluminum Transportation Group at 248-213-7344 or DriveAluminum.  

To advertise on, please contact Nick Manis at 770-576-2638 or Nick Manis

For inquiries about bookstore purchases, please contact Captum Technologies Customer Service at 480-779-6259 or Captum Technologies.   

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The North Americam aluminum industry is a vital part of the national economy and a bellwether for manufacturing. In addition to the direct jobs and economic impact generated by the industry, aluminum producers help other companies innovate. From tomorrow's fuel efficient vehicles to sustainable packaging to advanced construction applications, aluminum is a metal increasingly vital to modern life. Below are several infographics highlighting the industry's positive impact on the environment and the economy.

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Image Gallery

For an archive of royalty-free images of the aluminum production and fabrication process, please visit the International Aluminium Institute Image Gallery.


October 21, 2020
Data and Modelling Show COVID-19 Disruptions Putting Downward Pressure on Industry Output, Jobs  
October 9, 2020
Commerce Department Finds Aluminum Sheet From 18 Countries Sold in U.S. at Unfairly Low Prices