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Technical Information on Aluminum in Design

Aluminum is a vital part of modern design. Find below links to technical information on how aluminum is being used in this space today.

Aluminum Design Manual FAQ
The Aluminum Design Manual is an essential reference document for all professionals who work with aluminum in structural applications. The full Aluminum Design Manual for 2015 is available in the Association bookstore and an FAQ is below.

Aluminum LEED Fact Sheet
LEED is Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, a green building rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. This document provides technical information about  the benefits of aluminum sheet and plate for green building applications.

Corrosion Fact Sheet
This document provides data on corrosion for aluminum alloys versus competing metals commonly used building and construction.

Coated aluminum roofs reflect up to 95 percent of sunlight.

Aluminum is superior to steel and iron in its ability to reflect the infrared (heat) rays of the sun. Properly coated aluminum roofs can reflect up to 95 percent of the solar energy that strikes them, dramatically improving energy efficiency. Aluminum is a key component in LEED-certified green buildings.