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Aluminum Association Congratulates Biden DOE Pick Granholm and EPA Pick Regan

December 18, 2020

Tom Dobbins, president & CEO of the Aluminum Association released the following statement following President-elect Joe Biden’s announcement nominating former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to lead the Department of Energy and North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Michael Regan as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency:

“The Aluminum Association congratulates Governor Granholm and Secretary Regan and looks forward to working with them and their respective teams on a variety of issues to ensure strong, sustainable manufacturing in the United States. Aluminum is a key element of any comprehensive strategy to conserve energy, improve environmental quality and mitigate climate change – making vehicles more efficient, buildings greener and packaging more recyclable. Aluminum is also one of the most recycled materials on the planet, with 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced still in use today. An essential part of green infrastructure development, aluminum has a major role to play in a transition to a lower carbon economy. It is critical that the U.S. pursues smart energy and environmental policies that support domestic aluminum production, processing and recycling rather than more carbon intensive aluminum production overseas. Working together, we can ensure that the U.S. continues to be a global leader in aluminum manufacturing jobs, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship.”


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The Aluminum Association represents aluminum production and jobs in the United States, ranging from primary production to value added products to recycling, as well as suppliers to the industry. The association is the industry’s leading voice, representing companies that make 70 percent of the aluminum and aluminum products shipped in North America. The association develops global standards, business intelligence, sustainability research and industry expertise for member companies, policymakers and the general public. The aluminum industry helps manufacturers produce sustainable and innovative products, including more fuel-efficient vehicles, recyclable packaging, greener buildings and modern electronics.  In the U.S., the aluminum industry supports $172 billion in economic activity and nearly 660,000 jobs. For more information visit, on Twitter @AluminumNews or at



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